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Let me save you the time and the headache of working through different platforms, just to find out (after implementing!) that you can't do XYZ, crucial to your growth. These are my recommended tools for online entrepreneurs ready to create a knowledge-based business.


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Note: By recommending these tools and products to you, I am rewarded as an affiliate (either via payment, discounts or credit). Each platform or resource is recommended because I a) use it and love it, or b) have used it as part of my own business growth.

Take it from me: your business needs tools that will grow with you.

This is THE tool for growing a knowledge-based business. I use Kajabi for my sales pages, email marketing, course and membership hub, payment processing, and more. The team at Kajabi are offering a free 28 day trial to get set up and start earning money from your knowledge. Even in the trial phase, you'll get access to training courses to walk you through setting up your business on the platform.


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