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Take it from me: your business needs tools that will grow with you. Let me save you the time and the headache of working through different platforms, just to find out (after implementing!) that you can't do XYZ. This page contains affiliate links. I only recommend tools and resources that I use and love myself.

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REcommended Tools

Interact is a tool for creating online quizzes that generate leads, segment your audience, and drive traffic to your website. Basically, it's the shit (I've used it for YEARS).


Manage your client and partner contracts, invoices, and expenses in Bonsai, an accounting software built for self-employed individuals, contractors, and small businesses.


ActiveCampaign automates your entire customer experience. All of your marketing, sales, and support processes that allow you to scale your business to new heights.


For Aussie and Kiwi sole traders. This software will change your life. Hnry automatically pays & files your taxes for you. No need to save up your $ awaiting a fat tax bill.


Part-spreadsheet, part-database. Airtable is the tool for organising your online biz, from client project management, to operations, to content mapping & sales planning.


The all-in-one online biz solution. I use Kajabi for my sales pages, email marketing, pipelines, course and membership hub, video hosting, checkout, and more.


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