I'm known for blending strategic marketing with realism and values — free from buzzwords, pressing on pain points, and delivering harmful messaging to vulnerable audiences. If your online business doesn't align with your vision, impact, and energy, you're unlikely to last the journey. I work and collaborate with impact-driven entrepreneurs and businesses that want to see and contribute to real, lasting change via mindful marketing.

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Crafting your own set of ethical marketing guidelines

marketing for marketers: how to build a sustainable business

Productivity and planning outside of the standard 9-5 work week

intentional business: How structure will set you free

How to empower informed decision making via ethical selling

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Amie Finlayson is an online business strategist and marketer based in Wellington, New Zealand. After four years online, Amie started to feel a shift from the standard way of doing things into a more mindful approach to personal branding and digital selling.

The real catalyst, as for many people, was 2020. In a world where online gurus and half-truths reigned supreme, she wanted to find new ways of working that allowed for both business and personal growth, and avoided the 'quick wins' and shady tactics that the industry had become synonymous with. When it felt like money became the main driver, stepping back and into her values changed her business for the better.

Now, Amie teaches marketers and course creators how to build sustainable businesses that last the journey, with strategies that focus on mindful marketing, long-term vision, and personal health.

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