It's time to start working with a long-term strategy, rather than your day-to-day notepad scrawl...

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Structured for success™ that you can clarify your vision, grow your income, and sustain your energy without relying on quick-fix tactics or flawed marketing & sales systems (*cough* spamming in the DMs *cough*).

You get to a point in your online business where you can no longer rely on winging the day-to-day. Your business has grown (*crowd cheers*), but you don't have the offer suite, marketing automations, and sustainable growth strategies to keep up ("boooo!").

Together, we'll structure your business for profit & scale, so that you can stop working on the biz tasks that don't move you forward or link to the vision you hold.

👉 With a full-day of strategic mapping & collaboration, you'll have a brand new biz structured for success.

Ready to make sense of your offers, automation, and biz operations? I'm here to help!

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VIP Intensives


A full-day dedicated to scaling your business with the tools to make your marketing & sales effortless.

"Working with Amie for the second time has transformed my business! It opened my eyes to so many possibilities to grow my business and yet keep it simple."

Shay, The Pink Ink

Craft your in-demand signature framework + Profitable offer suite

Structured For Success

Map out your big-picture vision + create a project management system



Here's what we can get stuck into:

Build out workflows for your client management + sales processes


Create a launch + lead generation plan for your program or online course


Set up automations for your quarterly, monthly + daily biz operations


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"Working with Amie exceeded my expectations. Investing in her VIP Intensive was a big investment for me as a small business owner, but I knew that I needed it to take my business to the next level. Amie provided so much value in the program and it really impressed me just how much she knew about not just my business, but business in general, and how to get to a place where my business is working for me. Could not recommend this enough!"


blossom media

Chelsea, blossom media

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"Ever since I started my business, I struggled with not knowing how I structure my business, price my offers, and make my business unique was holding me back. I knew what I offered is valuable and unique, but I didn't know how to position it, promote it and share it with my audience.
Working with Amie for the second time has transformed my business! It opened my eyes to so many possibilities to grow my business and yet keep it simple."


The Pink Ink

Chelsea, blossom media

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Fill out the application form. Make your payment (plans available!). Book in your VIP date & kick-off sesh.


Over 6 hours, split into 3 custom sessions, we're going to structure your online biz for success.

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Within 24 hours, you'll be delivered your biz strategy. Plus, we'll meet for 2x 60-min implementation sessions.


Book your date and breathe a sigh of relief - we're giving your business the TLC it freakin' deserves.

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USD; Payment plans available.

You've made (many) attempts to...

👉 Create offers that your audience actually want to invest in + you feel confident in the process

👉 Get sorted with a project management system that works (you've tried ALL the software & gone back to the pen + paper method)

👉 Automate your client process or make it a better onboarding experience each time you book

👉 Launch an online course, digital product, or group program, yet it's never happened

Let me guess...

"Working with Amie has honestly been one of the best decisions I've ever made in my business."


Black & White Studios

Hollie, Black & White Studios

"Can you answer a few questions?"

Okay, I need this but...

If you know you're ready to scale your business, or you've had a recent growth spurt that you can't keep up with, then the VIP Intensive is for you. It's a completely custom experience, so we can really drill down into the exact processes to move forward.

If you want to get clarity on your offers + pricing, book in a Clarity Workshop instead 👇

How Do I know I'm ready for a VIP Intensive? Do you have any other ways to work with you?

Send me a DM on Instagram to kick off the conversation. I can also help you decide between an intensive or a workshop.

What if I wanna know more first?

Yes! You can make your selection at the time of booking.
👉 Split → 2 equal payments of $1750
👉 Extended → 4 equal payments of $825
👉 Other/Custom (A deposit is required)

Do you offer payment plans?

Automation + Workflow Map

👉 2-hour custom ideation & strategy mapping session to help you get clarity on your automations + biz operations

👉 A recording of the Clarity Workshop, so that you can refer back to the action steps again & again

A 2-hour mini-version of the VIP Intensive, designed to make your Workflows a reality.


You want to structure your workflow + marketing automations, but need support in the process.

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USD; 50% deposit required.

Structure fuels creativity.