Sales & Finance Template

Ever heard the saying “fail to plan, plan to fail”?

Does that currently apply to your sales strategy (or lack thereof)?

Know your numbers with the system built to forecast and track your opportunities, sales & all-important biz expenses.

With the help of guided trainings, start using Airtable as a relational database to make informed sales decisions via:

  • A monthly dashboard that tracks your income goals against your sales, opportunities and expenses
  • Plan your sales months in advance with the offer mapping calculator, built to help you to price your offers with strategy & precision
  • Manage your entire sales process from your pipeline to landing the sale, all linked to your main dashboard
  • View lead management in a whole new way, knowing that once you’ve closed a sale in the pipeline, it will automatically move into your sales tracker
  • Understand exactly what you’re spending in your business, along with the contractors or invoices you are yet to pay