Launching your online course or digital program just got a whole lot easier.

You know that once you get it together, this could be a serious revenue generator for you.

But currently, you're stuck in the cycle of comparison, telling yourself that now isn't the right time because "I don't have the time" and "I don't have the funds" – which is why I've made it HELLA easy to finally get your online course live (and without the price tag that comes along with a mastermind or custom strategy).

Research, validate, create and launch your idea in 4 weeks using pre-built Airtable templates with everything (seriously!) to get you outta procrastination mode and on the path to a multiple-income stream biz.

This isn't the first time you've thought about creating an online course, huh?

sound familiar?

...because there are SO many moving parts. Quit YOLO-ing your online course and get busy with a project management system that does all the thinking for you.

Imagine if you had all the steps laid out for you, day-by-day, over a 4 week period. That would feel a whole lot more achievable, yeah? Because it is.

If you knew what action came next – instead of "hmm, I'll make a sales page... today... maybe" – then you have a much greater chance of actually seeing that idea as a fully-functioning, on-sale product.

Right now, you're struggling with where to even begin...

You bring the idea, I'll bring the templates.

Promotional strategy... to transmit the word loud-and-far that your course is on sale.

Course curriculum... to help you navigate planning, scripting, recording + publishing your content.

Lead generation strategy.... to make sure you're orienteering in the right direction.

Market research... the groundwork before you think about heading straight for the summit.

Here's your (super fun) path to launch:

Building an online course is like embarking on a new adventure. It requires a whole lotta pre-planning so that a) you don't get lost, b) you don't come up against any unexpected barriers, and c) you don't lose motivation and momentum and call it quits before you've even started.

I've packed your bags (with plenty of snacks!), filled up your water bottle, and mapped out the journey ahead.

Leave the project management to me!

because, guess what?

An Ideas Bank of digital products and 1:many offers with pricing suggestions and time investments, so you can choose the right offer for you

A checklist of all the tech tools (free + paid) you need to test, create and launch your online course

Quick 10-min tutorials for every template, so that you can use them to the fullest + customise for YOUR biz needs!

A video walkthrough of the Airtable platform and how the AFCC system works over a 4-week period

Instant access to 4 plug-and-play project management templates to research, validate, create + plan your idea

Throw perfectionism out the window, and get your hands dirty with...


what's inside

Making course mapping simple AF

...with easy-to-use planning resources

You don't have to build your project management plans and action steps from scratch, they're already done for you.


Get the know-how on how Airtable works best, including how to use each template to the fullest. No techy skills required.


Tick it off as you go. See your achievements in real time. Work through online course planning without overwhelm.


Online Course Market Research Map
Decide on the type of online course you want to create, craft a message tied to your audience's needs and desires, and discover how your idea fits in the market. Stickin' spaghetti to the wall ain't gonna fly without the main ingredient: research.

Research Your Course Idea


Pre-Launch Compass & Lead Tracker
One of the most daunting parts of course creation: knowing if you efforts will match the return A.K.A. is anyone gonna buy this thing? Let's get the leads rollin' on in before you even create your first module.

Validate Your Course Idea


Course Creation Master Checklist
Outside of the actual launch, the most time-consuming part is creating the thing. Whether you've decided on a video module course or a live mastermind, you're gonna need damn-good assets to fulfil all of your students' needs.

Create Your Course Curriculum


Launch Campaign: Content Planner
Holy Freakin' Guacamole! It's time to promote your online course beyond telling your closest biz pals. This is the content planner that warms your audience, keeps them nice and toasty, so you can readily sell your idea without the sleaze.

Plan Your Course Curriculum


NEXT Template


the templates


Includes instant access to 4 pre-built templates in Airtable for online course planning & tutorials to help you navigate the platform + launch your online course idea



one-off payment of

Ready to Begin?

Airtable for Course Creators


I'm an Online Business Strategist

...meaning I teach entrepreneurs how to structure their service-based or course-based businesses in a feel-good, sustainable way.

Marketing automation and biz operations = my modus operandi. As the CEO of Ultraviolet MKTG, myself and my team craft impactful strategies and manage the implementation of projects for high-level entrepreneurs and biz leaders. Much of what we do there, I deliver here at AFHQ via courses, programs & templates (all the learnings!).

Get to know ME ✌️

...meaning I teach entrepreneurs how to structure their service-based or course-based businesses in a feel-good, sustainable way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! There's a few minor things that you may wanna upgrade to use (i.e. some colours only work on the Pro plan). I've built these templates so that you don't need to worry about any of the fancy features or invest in the paid subscription.

Sign up for the free Airtable plan here.

No. You can't use the templates outside of Airtable.
You could theoretically copy the information over to your project management system, yet what Airtable offers above MANY other software programs is formulas to do your sales planning. This should be a requirement of whatever software you use.

Yes! Even a smaller digital product. These templates are completely customisable and have all the information to make any idea a reality.

Nope. No affiliations. I do get "credits" if you use my link, but that isn't a requirement to join or use this course.

These aren't just empty templates. They're packed full of info that walks you through step-by-step of how you can map out your online course launch (and create it!) in 4 weeks.

Due to the digital nature of these templates, I am not able to offer any returns. Please note this before you buy, as any digital product that I create is my intellectual property, and therefore cannot be returned. If you do have any questions before buying, just send me a quick DM on Instagram.

Yes, I'm ready! Sign me up!

All packed? Let's go on your online course adventure. No more procrastinating on when or how you're gonna take the trip, you're making the plans and you're showing up.

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