I'm a marketing 9-5er turned online entrepreneur who lives for making big ideas a reality, hiking mountains at high altitude, and teaching business owners how to grow without the demand of clients.

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hi! I'm Amie finlayson.

...still spent a lot of that time overworked, underpaid and on someone else's schedule.

After graduating with a degree in journalism, growing my lifestyle blog as a "side hustle", and working in traditional marketing roles, I knew I wanted more. From there: I've seen 20+ countries, dipped in-and-(now, most definitely)-out of freelancing, and shifted my business into an educational hub for daring online business owners ready to stop trading time for money.

I started a business by accident, quit my job, made many mistakes, travelled the world and...

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Number of views on my TikTok videos
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I didn't begin my online business journey with any knowledge of how to sell or what to offer.

At age 22, in the timespan of three months, I started my business and quit my full-time marketing job. No plan, just a whole lotta hope and a dream. I scoured closed Facebook communities and job boards for "opportunities" in the hope that I would be the comment picked by the original poster; in most cases, there were upwards of 50 commenters. The work was usually low-paid, required multiple hours to complete on short deadlines, and sometimes with a full proposal thrown in.


After nurturing my own online audience for two years, I became known for my straight-to-the-point Instagram marketing advice. So much so, I had fully booked my calendar with paying clients. I had no space for freelancing contracts or last-minute agency requests, yet I wasn't able to grow beyond a few thousand dollars per month. My time tied to my earning potential. I spent most of the year prior travelling and living in South East Asia, meaning my money went further, so I kept playing small in my online business.

My demand grew once I packaged my value into a signature service. Booked out and earning below minimum wage...


I started selling eBooks and workshops as my audience grew and I could no longer sustain the client work.

This new income stream meant that I was able to offset my client work and fully transition into a 1:many model. In September 2019, the Social Selling Society membership went live with over 70 founding members. Now: I only work with high-ticket clients as part of my 1:1 coaching or group coaching mastermind, where I teach online entrepreneurs how to move beyond the time-based barriers of online business, into a sustainable, knowledge-based model.


My Vision

More time for Growth

You didn't start an online business to be chasing client invoices, under immense pressure to perform day-in, day-out, or to live tied to your laptop.

Limitless earning potential

When you stop trading time for money, you open yourself up to uncapped income, based on your expertise and impact (rather than your speed!).

freedom to do what you're great at

Saying "yes" to jobs that don't feel aligned, just because of the $? You're an expert at what you do, you deserve to enjoy your work AND get paid.

I only share knowledge and advice about things that I have had results from myself. I always want to be confident in what I’ve achieved before teaching that to other people.

Educate from experience


Risks sometimes mean mistakes, but no mistakes means a lack of innovation and courage. I believe that some you win, and some you learn from, and taking risks results in resilience.

take risks & Embrace adventure


I believe that being transparent, honest, and genuine are the best ways to succeed and create real impact in business. I don’t have time for inauthentic or unethical ways of doing business.

Live authentically, teach authenticity


I have a big vision with audacious goals along the way. In order to achieve those and provide the best service possible, I am committed to being an ever-evolving person and business.

Never stop learning & evolving


I have my own experiences with mental health as a business owner, and understand how important it is to acknowledge and address that for myself and my audience, as we grow together.

Prioritise personal health & growth


my brand values

Wander With Me

Who hasn't found themselves in Bali?! A destination that sparked my excitement for travel and inspired me to live abroad in Asia.

bucketlist destination

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Forever changed from this time in my life. If you ever doubt yourself, hike for 12 days in the Himalayas.

Born, bred and #ProudlySydney. Where my best friendships were formed, where I met and married my husband, where my story began.

ebc, nepal

sydney, australia

Bali, Indonesia

Wander With Me

My home base in 2018. The gateway to more travel, new adventures and growing my business online.

my happy place!

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My adopted home. You'll find me in cafes with a soy flat white working on my dreams.

It's where I am the most creative, where I find peace, and how I spend my days away from the laptop (and Instagram!).

queenstown, Nz

Wellington, Nz

phuket, thailand

So, uh, why me?

Winning combo of online business, marketing and content strategy

Multiple 5-fig launches on instagram with under 10K followers

action-focused approach - you won't find me stuck in planning mode forever!

7+ years creating online content, from non-profits to agencies to govt

sold over 100 memberships, generating 12 months of recurring income

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