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Impact-Driven Marketer. Launch Adventurer. Online Biz Rebel. Airtable Superfan. She/Her.

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Hosting the Good Authority Podcast, scrollin' IG, or sippin' on an oat flat white.

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Brand & Offer Positioning
Content Marketing & Lead Gen
Operations & Launch Planning

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Course Creators
Service Providers
Online Business Owners

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Templates & Training
1:1 Coaching & Strategy
10-Week Mastermind Program

Hey, I’m Amie. I believe that in online business, there’s never one destination; it’s the process of exploring new opportunities, making mistakes, building unforgettable experiences, booking dream clients, crafting solutions-based sales strategies, and taking control of your days that makes it all so worth it.

I serve people who want to impact more people. Their brand is on an upward climb because they value the process. I’m the online business sidekick that makes that journey more enjoyable.

Originally from Sydney, Australia, now I live across the ditch in windy Wellington, New Zealand with my Kiwi husband. I'm a proud millennial, a former marketing 9-5er, and a bit of an online business rebel.

I've worked in marketing teams in agencies, non-profits, corporates and government for the past 8 years - the last 4 being dedicated towards growing my own personal brand on social media, and helping online business owners to build digital programs that make a difference.

She/Her. Impact-Driven Marketer. Launch Adventurer. Online Biz Rebel. Airtable Superfan.

I only share knowledge and advice about things that I have had results from myself. I always want to be confident in what I’ve achieved before teaching that to other people.

Educate from experience


Risks sometimes mean mistakes, but no mistakes means a lack of innovation and courage. I believe that some you win, and some you learn from, and taking risks results in resilience.

take risks & Embrace adventure


I believe that being transparent, honest, and genuine are the best ways to succeed and create real impact in business. I don’t have time for inauthentic or unethical ways of doing business.

Live authentically, teach authenticity


I have a big vision with audacious goals along the way. In order to achieve those and provide the best service possible, I am committed to being an ever-evolving person and business.

Never stop learning & evolving


I have my own experiences with mental health as a business owner, and understand how important it is to acknowledge and address that for myself and my audience, as we grow together.

Prioritise personal health & growth


Shaking up online biz for the better

A podcast for marketers & entrepreneurs who question influence on social media — and how we so readily buy on good authority.

good authority podcast


“One of the best investments I've made in business. I walked away feeling super confident and clear around my packages and offers + messaging and target audience.”

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