My name is Amie Finlayson and I am a storyteller, online business nerd, and adventure seeker. I travel to live, and I live to travel.

But it wasn’t always this way.

Born in Sydney, Australia, not far from the coast and national parks, I was spoilt with the potential of adventure. Life and nature, right on my doorstep, yet I wanted none of it. I wanted skyscrapers and inner-city cafes and industrial offices. Or so I thought.

I worked hard in school. My identity tied to my dream to get out, see the world and make waves as a journalist in New York or London. During my three-year degree, I had my first taste of a different world. South East Asia for six weeks. It wasn’t at all what I expected. Anxious, scared, tired and unhealthy; although I had a wonderful time, my mental and physical health pulled me down. I was ungrateful, out-of-balance, and the unstructured days sent me crazy.

This negative attitude followed me to my first job. An office job, a structured 9-5, like I had dreamed of. Finally, where I belong.

Plot Twist

An office job was the exact environment that my creativity felt stifled and my depression thrived.

For two years, I held on so tightly to a story that the world owes me something. That I was better than this. That there was more than this life. In some ways, this was true, but mostly, I was using my negative mindset to blame anyone but myself for my unfulfilled life plan.

Online business was my way out, but it turned into my purpose.

Forever searching for a way out. Whenever in a situation that felt unnatural or uncomfortable, I would retreat, quit or even ‘ghost’ the person or opportunity.

After spending a few years writing in university on a blog, I called it quits halfway through my full-time job as I was embarrassed someone would discover a hidden part of me. In truth, it felt more like me than anything else had prior.

At the time, I had bills to pay. 21-years-old and living way above my means on the lower north shore of Sydney. My apartment looked over the Harbour Bridge, yet I would eat packet noodles in bed most nights.

My housemate at the time was running her own business, something I had considered but not fully committed to. I had an in, I was already freelance writing. A few months later, The Creative Blog Co. was born…

Working on my business was lonely and lacked direction.

“How do you stay motivated?” The question friends, family, and strangers would ask when I told them I was a freelancer. The true answer was, “I don’t”, but a lie would always flow instead.

I spent much of 2017 self-sabotaging. Working here-and-there. Living without purpose. I had thought the problem was my office job, but in reality, it was my mindset.

Changing my mindset and working towards good health.

In August 2017, it became clearer than ever that I had built walls so high around myself that even I couldn’t see my ‘out’.

That month, after some serious wake-up calls, I booked in to see my GP about my anxiety. I soon figured out, with the help of a psychologist, that I was in a deep state of clinical depression and I just had an anxious personality, rather than anxiety.

Following a dream I didn’t know I had.

I had once told my boyfriend that I could never see myself as someone who could travel full-time, a year was too long, as it was way out of my comfort zone.

At the same time, I craved adventure. I wanted to be someone who saw risks as an opportunity, failure as an experience, and dreams as a reality. I’d done my fair share of travel over my year working for myself, and I found that, surprisingly, the road was where I was most at home. By September, we had moved in with my parents and sold all our furniture. Our new life would begin early December, first stop, NZ, then onward to Asia.

Full-Time Digital Nomad

From stuck in a cycle of being incredibly unproductive, to travelling and creating inspired digital content for brands and online businesses.

Since December 2017, I’ve wrestled with my deepest fears and challenged myself to seek out adventure in every way possible.

Not only did I build a stronger mental state, but I started to do life differently. Do things I never thought I would do. Think in ways that ‘happy, positive’ people thought. Document my life with rawness and consistency.

This fresh air I breathed back into my life manifested in all areas of my life, not just my business.

▽ Braving my fear of heights and riding rollercoasters for the first time at Universal Studios, Singapore.

▽ Meeting new people in hostels and travelling via scooter around the waterfalls of Ella, Sri Lanka.

▽ Trekking for two weeks in-and-out of Everest Base Camp, Nepal. No showers, 8 hours of hiking a day.
Spoiler alert: it ended with a proposal.

▽ Training Muay Thai in Phuket, Thailand, and receiving a punch to the face within moments of my first lesson.


What’s next for me?

This. This moment right here. Pouring my creative energy back into what I love most: words. Welcome to my digital home, where I share my perspective on living an alternate lifestyle, earning a living via my laptop, as a design studio owner and content writer for health, travel & design brands.

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