When I packed up my life in late 2017 to move to South East Asia and now with my move back to Sydney for summer, I’ve found myself living out of my suitcase.

For digital nomads, I imagine you’re often in the same predicament of constantly moving around with ‘stuff’. It’s not until you begin to pack that you realise how much stuff you actually have and nowhere for it to go. This is for any nomads or jetsetters ready for their next adventure… minus the stress.


Decluttering your life before you are constantly on the move is essential. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving overseas, moving states, or even just suburb to suburb, minimalising your belongs will speed up the packing and unpacking process.

Take a thorough look at your furniture, clothes, kitchenware and everything else, and decide what you need and what you don’t. Before I moved out of my Sydney apartment, I sold much of my furniture on Facebook Marketplace and any old or unworn clothing items went straight to goodwill. Minimalising makes moving homes — or countries — much easier to deal with in the long run.


My partner and I had a few items that we weren’t ready to part with before we moved aboard, e.g. a record player, records, bikes. Whether it’s antique furniture handed down through destinations or if you’ve downsized temporarily and your furniture just won’t fit in your new home, the option to hire storage space is always there. This way you can return to these items when you’re ready to settle down after all the years living life on the go.

Hire Help

Some items are too much for you to deal with. The giant couch, the fridge, the washing machine… Hiring a professional removalist company, such as Hire a Mover, will save time and help you get all the large items and boxes out of the way. Make sure you distinctly label each box with the room they belong in and also make use of ‘FRAGILE’ stickers to the items that need to be handled with care.

Keep Decorating to a Minimum

We all love to style our new home, but paintings, candles and knick-knacks are all extra items that mean more things to pack. If you’re not planning on staying in one place for more than six months, keep decorating to a minimum. And if you’re planning to move overseas, like I did, you have to forgo the scented candles and beautiful mirrors unfortunately.

You can still add personality and style with essential items. Strategically coordinated crockery, bath towels, pillows and cups all add their own elements of style to a space. Think ‘Scandinavian-minimalism’.

Create an Inventory

Constantly moving abroad teaches you that stationary items have a tendency to grow legs and run away. In other words, I’ve lost too many of my belongings to count in the process. The easiest way around this is to create an inventory of all the things you own so that when you pack and unpack, you know you’ve got everything. I usually don’t realise I’ve missed something until a week after I’ve unpacked and I’ve got nothing to iron my clothes with. Work room by room and number each box as you go along. Happy Moving!

This article was written in collaboration with Hire A Mover Sydney, a professional removalist company & Influencer Management Service – #AsSeenOn.

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